Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love me some inspiration.

I thrive off inspirational stories, quotes, whatever. I need inspiration. Since I've been tied to a bed for the last two weeks without any see-able hope for that to change, I have to find my own. I love this quote so much. Mr. Emerson had some things in life straight. Since I have missed school and will likely miss more, I'll probably have to drop my classes for this semester. I cannot even believe how much I have missed. I'm really disappointed. Like everyone else on the planet (unless you are a crazy person), I want to graduate as soon as possible. It'll put me a whole semester behind. Plus, I've put in a TON of work so far. So, I'm bummed. But I'm trying to be optimistic. Since I'll be getting married in May, I'm hoping this break from school will give me an opportunity to make some extra cash to save up for married life. Any one need a nanny? It'll also give me a chance to get the wedding plans done. Oh, and maybe recover. That'd be nice. I feel absolutely awful still. My mind is already brewing with ideas about how I'll fill my time. Projects for our future home. Service projects I could do. Reading. Things I could learn. I have to be optimistic and think about things like that or else I'll go nuts. Anyone have any fabulous ideas of how to fill my time? I'm probably being a bit naive and I really wont have much free time still. In any event, I'll have more than I would have normally. Today I was thinking about living in today. We can dream about tomorrow or think about yesterday, but today, we only have one day to worry about. We have opportunity for today, not tomorrow or yesterday. We can only achieve today, for today. You don't get to a goal by dreaming, but taking steps each day. This probably sounds dumb and totally obvious, but it makes sense in my brain. Looks like you're just going to have to trust me!


katielizabethawkes said...

knit something big! or...go to a thrift store and buy a pile of tshirts (the kind that cost like a dollar or less...) and make a quilt out of them! sometimes you can find people's old family reunion shirts. those are the best, just in case you ever run into anyone in that family.

Shalyn said...

Love the inspirational quote- just read the post below and wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry this is happening but you are a strong girl!