Thursday, March 24, 2011

I hate Ikea.

Me and Ikea used to have a great relationship.
Not anymore. Not since she birthed this ugly creature:
This, friends, is the desk my future husband is in love with. Except it doesn't even have the storage of the drawers on the side. This desk even makes a little sense. But his? It's huge. The picture is not actual size, fyi. Times it by 143, and that's about right. It's big, bulky, and has absolutely zero storage. Might as well be a (ugly) table. There's a little problem with this, seeing as how we're going to be living in a teeny 1 bedroom 680 square foot apartment. Since you guys are smarter than me, you're going to help me figure out what to do. The only way I see it, we have exactly 5 options:
1) borrow Gru's shrink ray and store it in the shower. When we're not using it of course. Duh. Come on people.
2) Use it for our awkwardly shaped kitchen table. Bright side: we could play footsie all dinner. Dark side: we could kick each other all dinner.
3) Donate it to Goodwill while he's at school or work. What are the chances he would talk to me again?
4) Tell him I saw a poor homeless kid on the street who needed a desk. Why in the world would a poor homeless kid be in dire need of a desk? Actually, I could also tell him it cought on fire and was the only thing that burned.
5) We play rock paper scissors to see if the desk stays, or I do. There simply isn't room for both. I wonder which one he would be playing for. Hm.

And there you have it. If you have any better ideas, please share them with me. If you guys don't tell me what to do, 3 is my default. I will take it to goodwill and tell him it burned/broke/got stolen.
Sneaky Sneaky.


Kelsey said...

What an ugly, ugly table! I could understand getting it if the drawers weren't just for decoration... you could paint it a cute color, but with non-functional drawers it's horrible.

Becca said...

Oh dear...I don't know what to tell you sister. Has he not seen other IKEA desks??? IKEA can be your friend again!

Kristen Jensen said...

PAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! You are so funny girl! Hang in there with my cousin, lol, you guys are perfect for each other :) As for the desk problem, heck, burn it lol :)

Catherine .B said...

do the last one.

lol, but no seriously, ask him whats most important, his relationship with you, or his horrific desk.