Friday, February 11, 2011

The perfect proposal.

Here's the long version.
It was Clint's birthday and I had planned this fabulous day, of which I will blog about later. I took him to lunch at Joe's Real BBQ. If you haven't been there, you probably should. Especially if it's your birthday. They give you a $10 credit! After getting stuffed, he said we needed to go to Tempe Town Lake because his brother gave a friend a gift card for him that he needed to give to Clint right then his friend was going to be doing sketches there tonight... Wait, what? A slightly unlikely story, eh? I was smelling some fish at this point. So, Clint is acting very suspicious at this point. Really nervous, a tad bit shaky. So we get the gift card from his friend and then start to walk away. The guy came back and asked us if he could draw a picture of us for his art class that night. Don't tell Clint this, but I knew exactly what was happening at this point. So this guy is making a sketch of us, turns around to show us the picture, and it's of Clint on his knee giving me some sparkly ring candy. Even though I knew what was happening, It was still so surprising to actually see him on his knee with the blessed ring that I had been having separation anxiety with for weeks.  Clint had been meeting with the artist ahead of time, and he had the picture all done ahead of time. It's so special. Now we have the pictures and the video to save forever.  Oh, and random! One of our friends was walking around Tempe Town Lake at the time. The were awesome and took some pictures for us. 

I can't upload the video. But you can go to facebook and search JPro studios. The video is right there on their wall. It's BOMB. 
 I also learned two lessons that day. (1) If your boyfriend tells you you should do your nails, listen! The next day may be filled with a special surprise.

And (2) don't get impatient and put your jeans in the dryer. They will shrink up. Blast!

It was absolutely perfect. I'm so proud of him for coming up with something so special and creative for me. I love him so much. I feel like I couldn't find a better guy for me if I waited a billion years. I love our relationship and can't wait to start eternity with the man of my dreams!


ashley.warner said...

holy smokes!
can I please be the first to say CONGRATS via blog! I am so excited for you!
Your ring is to DIE FOR! tell that fiance of yours he did a SPLENDID job! :)

Congrats and enjoy this weekend! :)
lots of love!

ashley in wonderland said...

WOOOOHOOOO! this is so exciting! your ring is fantastic and that picture is seriously so cute! now i'm off to find that video! congratulations darling :)

angela hardison said...

that's such a cute proposal. your ring is sooo pretty.

congrats! clints really are great.

Jennifer said...

That is so sweet! I love that you have an adorable drawing, pictures, and a video!!! Congrats again!

Amy said...

Congratulations to you both! This is the sweetest proposal I've ever heard! Lovely! Wish you 2 happiness and love forever! Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!


Cheryl said...

Love him already! I can't wait to meet him and to see you :) It is so so great to see that you are such a happy girl!
Congrats :)
Love ya lots,