Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I believe in:

The color yellow.
families. They can be forever.
God and Jesus Christ.
the restored gospel. It brings me happiness every day.
making ordinary days special.
Clint. He can do anything I can imagine and more.
being a mom.
finger painting.
myself. I know my potential is endless.
being happy no matter the circumstances.
trusting people.
having goals.
laughing til you wet yourself. Not literally though. Hopefully.
saying how you feel.
Embracing opportunities.
wearing cute clothes.
getting the best possible price on all purchases.
Keeping a journal.
Helping people- even if they don’t deserve it.
Getting an education
Being healthy
p.s. I also believe in free things. What do you all think about a giveaway coming up? Also, I'd love to hear what you believe in. Leave me some comments.


D.B. Woolston said...

I believe in self-determination. You are just as happy and wealthy and successful and good as you choose to be.

Love the post.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love everything about this list :)

Anonymous said...

Patience, independence, and not letting other people's expectations define you.

Alexis Campbell said...

i love this <3

Collin&Tatum said...

i stumbled over to your blog through a friend of a friend... but i wanted to say how neat this list is! you seem totally awesome :]]