Tuesday, January 25, 2011

that one time when we eloped.

Me and Clint flew up to Vegas this weekend.
We had a really classy ceremony at the "Little White Chapel".
Elvis was there.
I wore a pink sequin dress they had on hand.
Okay, so we actually got there and decided it wasn't a good idea.
Okay, actually that's not why we went at all.
Okay, actually that's not true.
Okay, actually the picture is just photoshopped.
Okay, actually that's not true.
Confused yet?
Me. Too.
Clint flew up to Vegas with me to see my uncle in the hospital.
He is really sick. With a literal billion things. He is one of my best friends.
On Saturday night we were driving to one of my friend's birthday parties and I just broke down in the car and started sobbing. I can't imagine the thought of not having my uncle in my life. I dread the day where the e-mails and text messages stop coming. Oh, and believe you me (i've never gotten that saying, btw), I am not a cute crier. I have a cry to make others cry. And it may or may not have done that. Clint took me home instead of going to my friends' house and I cried on his shoulder for probably about half an hour. It was the first time he has seen me cry, and he's still talking to me. Good sign right? We decided it was best to go out and see my uncle ASAP. We flew in Sunday morning, spent the day with him at the hospital, and flew back that night. I'm glad two very important people in my life got to meet each other. Life is so fragile. Tell those you care about that you love them, today. You'll never know what will happen tommorrow.


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Ugh. Im sorry about your uncle. :( You're right, life is so fragile. I realized that almost a year ago when I lvost my great-grandmother who I was extremely close to. I hope your uncle gets better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Shalyn said...

That is so sweet. I am so sorry about your uncle- your family will be in my prayers.

e.day said...

i was confused! this post was funny, then sad. i'm sorry about your uncle, i will send positive thoughts your way! but i am definitely guilty as a person who goes into the "ugly cry". i can't cry cute. and i'm envious of those who can.

just stumbled over here and love it :)

Bree-Be said...

I heart our Uncle as well and I am very sad about his current status I really hope he gets better soon! I too dread that day:( Everything about that man is just happy and bright and nothing and no one could ever replace him and all the happy memories! I totally understand! :( I can honestly say I love everything about that man and everything he has taught me! :)