Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loving Love.

Yesterday I sent this to Clint during my sports nutrition class. :)
During my Biochem lab today, I got this from him.

 Isn't he the cutest? I believe the [one of the] secret[s] to a happy life is to make ordinary days special with things like this. I love it. Do something special today. Buy some flowers for your kitchen table. Watch your favorite movie. Write a love note. Write a thank you note. Hold a baby. Paint your nails. Go to the park. [tell me about your adventures]

Also, I added a few more headbands to my blog. 

p.s. I learned a valuable lesson last night. Don't buy cheap floss. You might as well use thread. Worst dollar I've ever spent.


jenchristine said...

You guys are adorable. Don't those little things make you swoon. Sometimes I think my husband stole cupid's arrows. :)

PS: LOVE the headband. Don't you love making those?!?! It's so fun.

Shalyn said...

I have to laugh out loud about the floss- I am in dental hygiene school and its a miracle if some of my patients even BUY floss, let alone use it;-)

Cute headband! I shall be shopping at your store once I receive financial aid! (that sounds bad, but I already paid for school so its reimbursement...ha!)

Ramsey said...

Cheap floss is the absolute worst invention ever. It's like a torture mechanism. Boyfriend would die if he ever knew I bought it. He is a self-proclaimed floss expert {and snob}.

ashley in wonderland said...

from the looks of it, you DO have a boyfriend to take pictures of you! haha thanks for the compliment Alexis!

Chelsea said...

it's definitely the little things that keep things fun!

that's a really cute headband!

J & M Bredsguard said...

haha so cute!