Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just an ordinary day.

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please tell me I'm not the only girl who has zipped her hair in her backpack? [purses count too] I did this today. Right before my recitation for Biochemistry lab. Maybe it was because of the ridiculous length of my day today. I was IN class [no breaks] from 9AM to 3:50PM and then went straight to work to arrive by 4:30. My lunch break included running to the union to grab a sandwich during my 15 minute "break" between medical nutrition therapy and biochemistry. Since both classes are on opposite sides of campus, I used my mad powerwalking skills. Then my sandwich sat in my backpack for an hour and 15 minutes during class. As soon as we got out, I scarfed it down while walking to my next class, also on the opposite side of campus. It could be because I was tired. Then again, I shut my hair in the car door on an almost regular basis as well. Again, am I the only one who does this?

Too bad I don't have my Dr. Pepper to cope with the exhaustion. On the bright side, I have lost 1.5 pounds since I stopped. a whole 9 days ago. I can't see any difference. Clint says he can. He's just being nice. Currently, I'd give my right arm for a DP. I have another one anyway.

Nutrition Tangent: Still reading? I warned you! Do you know how AMAZING vitamin C is? Probably not. Well, let me tell you. If you don't have science background to know what I'm talking about, just skip the nitty gritty and know that vitamin C rocks. not to be confused with the singer. that's abotut he opposite. OH, but you'll want to know this. The #1 way people ingest vitamin C is orange juice. Good, right? Wrong. Most likely. Unless you're buying it frozen from concentrate and taking it home and making and drinking it right away, it doesn't have the vitamin C you think it does. Vitamin C is an antiOXidant. It reacts with the OXygen. The longer that OJ has been exposed to the air, the more vitamin C it has lost. Some juices tested at being as low as 0-20% vitamin C. At that point, you're just drinking sugar basically. Same with cutting up fruit. Those edible arrangements are painful! the vitamin C in those have got to be minimal. Also, when you're eating something with iron (gimme gimme steak), you want to have some vitamin C because it reduces (give it an electron) the iron into the form that our body uses it! STELLAR! Vitamin C isn't just for immunity either. It also aids in cancer prevention (again, it's neutralizing the toxins. i could explain this more if you're itnerested. it's WAY cool.), collagen synthesis (forming your bones, skin, tendons, etc), and plays a role in chemical productions such as norepinephrine (fight of flight). Point in case, it's awesome. RDI for males is 90mg/ day and 75mg/day for women. Upper limit is 2000mg, although many researchers say there shouldn't be an upper limit. Anything over 2000mg can put you at risk for forming kidney stones because it converts into oxalate acid (that crap that produces kidney stones). However deficiency puts you at risk for scurvy....ARG! (insert pirate with hook for left hand here)

WOWZA. Hopefully maybe one other person on earth found that interesting!

So, who is going to go get themselves some vitamin C?

AND, who else has zipped, shut, or caught their hair on something ridiculous. Story time!


Autumn said...

When my hair was hair totally got stuck in the car door and the window while it was being rolled up on several occasions because it is so windy where I am from...haha :)

Allie Burnham said...

Of course my favorite part of this whole thing was the part about Vitamin C