Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just another day

So I'm in a blogging mood. There's a problem though. My life isn't too incredibly blogg-able. Actually, it's pretty average. I know, shocker.

Random thoughts:
1) Isn't it weird how we never wake up one morning noticing we look different? But Pictures from a few years ago look way different. It's so gradual. Weird. Until the day where I wake up with wrinkles. Or worse, gray hairs. Tissues better be close. Actually, I think I will fully embrace my laugh lines and gray hairs resulted from a life fully lived. Who is with me!
2) While I fully appreciate the compliment, and you DID have a pretty awesome smile, don't be expecting a call from me, Mr. Random cute man from Filiberto's. It's not you, it's me.
3) To my sister's unborn child, I'm already CRAZY in love with you! Please get here soon. Your aunt may be many things, but patient is not the very top on the list.
4) I wish it was Sunday already so I could wear my new skirt.
5) I should definitely be in bed. cuz I'm sick. or working on my immuno case study. or taking my quiz due tomorrow. Or a billion other things on my neglected to do list!
6) You'll never remember the time you spent sleeping ;)

Friends, I love you! I really feel lucky to have such awesome people in my life! Happy 6th of July, 2010. It only happens once!

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Andrea said...

Nice post. Cute! I like your random thoughts. :)