Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another day in the neighborhood

I just got home. It' 1:10 am and I'm wide awake. Weird right? Maybe due to the ridiculous amount of sleep I've been needing! No joke, minimum 10 hours a night. I HATE wasting time sleeping. You can sleep when you're dead. You'll never remember the time you spend sleeping.

So, I heard this song the other day in the car and just about died laughing. Granted, I'm ridiculously easily entertained, but I still think it's hilarious! Not that I'd actually do this, but I think everyone has felt like this from time to time. Maybe a little bit? thought so :)

I've had a fantastic weekend! I was able to go to the temple on Friday morning with Rick and Matt. How lucky am I? It's such a beautiful, peaceful place and I'm SO grateful
. I wish I could begin to express my gratitude. Then Rick took me to lunch to this AMAZING island grill kinda thing. It was delish! And lucky for me, he wasn't too shy to share. Have I mentioned how much of a foodie I am? LOVE it. Well, I'm basically majoring in food! Then I came home and completely reorganized my desk. You'd be proud of me mom. It's organized and clean :) and I got some studying done for my TEST OF DEATH on Monday in micro. Death by microbiology? I think it's possible. google it. then I went out for icecream with Ethan.
Jason and some others came. And then it POURED! I LOVE the rain. I LOVE the moments in life where you can forget how old you are and have fun. Forget stress, expectations, all that jazz. I love when you can take a deep breath and soak up life. I love life. Can you tell? We played in the rain. I taught both Ethan and Jason how to waltz. We were SOAKED! It's so fun to be with them! they're such sweet boys! Jason couldn't get enough of my captivating lip gloss, so he had to try some on for himself. Please still be my friend Jason!
At least I didn't tell them how that thing on your shoulder is my purse! oh wait....:)
Saturday was also a blast. Unfortunately I'm sure it's not all that exciting to my whole 3 blog readers. ;)

Aspire HIGHER!

Okay, NOW I'm tired. Goodnight world! I love you!

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