Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh, it is Love!

Ready for my story? I was minding my own business, making headbands, the usual. When BAM my glue gun broke. It didn't make any sound, that was for dramatic effect. As is my color choices. But my flower is only half done. The glue gun wasn't gripping the stick to push it through. What do I do? Push it through with my mouth! Mission completed! However, I had to stop making them early today on accountah I'm not in the mood to get pretty and go out and buy a glue gun right now. I bought some satin to experiment with, so those will come soon. These are my newest. I LOVE them! :) If you're interested, e-mail me:
NOTE: any sold ones, I can duplicate similarly

All of my hair accessories are now on a new blog.
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