Thursday, May 27, 2010


Por Favor.
That would be wonderful.
For the last about 10 weeks I've been sick.
Thats seventy days of sickness.
420 hours.
So many minutes I'd have to get out a calculator.
About every week I get hit with an episode of flue symptoms. I'll be better for a few days, and then it'll hit again. I have intense, piercing pain in my lower left abdomen.
I've been getting weird rashes. Just lots of very un-fun things. I wouldn't recommend it. Today I went to get some
work done. That wasn't so fun. I felt so bad for the lady drawing my blood. After she tried and failed to get enough blood out of my left arm, she went to the right arm. I don't know what hit me or why, but tears starting streaming down my face and I couldn't stop. The poor lady probably thought she was hurting me or I had needlephobia. The truth is I could hardly feel it. But the stress and constant strain of being sick hit me. Tuesday I got a few CT scans done.
(that's not me. But the machine was just as big and scary)
They did the scans. Then I had to drink about 20 oz of nasty barium junk. They attempted to flavor it with strawberry. It SMELLED like strawberry. It TASTED like bitter, metallic, cold medicine Nastiness!
Then they did some more pictures. Then, they did and IV and injected me with iodine. I guess they do it so your blood vessels show up. Is that not the coolest thing EVER! It was pretty stinkin painful though. It was sharp, burning pain when I felt it seeping into my veins and then pretty soon I felt like my whole body was on fire, and like I was on the verge of passing out. It lasted about 30 seconds and then was done. Who needs drugs? That was the trippiest experience ever. So hopefully the tests are over and we can move forward with answers. I feel Like I'm too young for this. I'm supposed to be young and healthy and skip through fields of flowers and pick blueberries right? I feel like the constant doctor visits, tests, and being sick should come with age. Hey, maybe I'm getting it all out of my system so that I can be an 85 year old dancing, mountain climbing, grandkidchasing, gym ratting, mountain bike riding, snowboarding old lady. Can I get an amen?
I really shouldn't be grumpy. I have so many things to be grateful for. This isn't meant to be negative. Sometimes I need to get things out. Plus, this is MY blog and I get to write whatever I gosh darn feel like okay? get off it!
I'll keep you posted.
Currently, My tummy is so swollen I look 6 months pregnant. Good thing those loose, pregnancy looking shirts are in right?


Natalie said...

I have needlephobia :-/ Merph. When I had to get my typical "i'm going into n-th grade" shots, my dad would have to chase me around the house to hold me down.

True story.

DanceWITHalexis said...

Your dad gave you shots in your house? weird