Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Post: Marriage and Babies

I am way behind on blogging. 
I miss it, but computer time just isn't practical these days.
There's absolutely zero chance of being on the computer with little miss around. She screams and grabs the mouse and pushes the keyboard no matter how hard I try to distract her. A few weeks ago I was trying to pay some bills and she made the whole screen like 500x the size. Took forever to figure out how to get it back. True story.


A few days ago, I guest posted for one of my best friends, Megan, on her blog, Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

She's fabulous and you have to check out her blog. 
She just had her second baby!!
She's pretty great.

In other news, this little thing keeps getting cuter and cuter. 
Sometimes (pretty much all the time) I feel like my heart will explode from love overload. Sometimes (often at the same time) I feel like my brain will explode from screaming/tantrums/crazy overload. 

I tell you what, her pants are full of sass. 

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