Monday, November 11, 2013


Having a baby is hard and sometimes makes me cry like a baby but really, 
I love it. 
Ainsley is SO much fun. 
I'm in love with her. 
She makes me laugh every day.
There's a million things I love about motherhood but I wrote about that in my previous post so I won't repeat it. 

 Seriously though. I can't handle her cuteness. Her personality is so fun. She is such a ham. She LOVES attention. Her hair is also finally long enough to put clips in! yay!
 She is a champion crawler and stair climber and just started standing on her own. I think she will be walking soon, although I'm in no hurry for it to happen! I love her exactly where she's at right now.
 She has been fussy lately and I suspect her top teeth will make their debut soon. Overall, she is such a happy baby though. She still isn't a good sleeper, but I figure if that's the worst of our problems, that's not so bad.
 She has finally started looking at books without immediately eating them. Most of her board books have the spines eaten out!
 She loves baths, babbling, avocados, and walks in the stroller. I don't know what she weighs but I suspect it's around 25 pounds. She is mostly in 18 month clothing. Everyone tells me that once she starts walking her chub will go away and that makes me a sad momma!
 She is the best. I love that I get to spend my days with her. She is such a sweet girl and I feel like she has taught me so much in these ten months. I cannot believe she will be a toddler in two months.
 She does a bobble head thing when she dances which is hilarious. She loves to suck in her bottom lip and make popping noises. She is getting more and more fun to play with. I just taught her to play hide and seek and we both love it! We're working on clapping and high-fives now but they haven't caught on so well yet.
 She has just started showing SOME interest in TV and it's probably not good how excited I am about it. 20 minutes of Baby Einstein to be able to get some more chores done sounds wonderful.
 I love this girl so much. There's no doubt that I will make a lot of mothering mistakes in her lifetime, but not loving her will not be one of them. This girl has my heart!

On a lighter note, she has been so hard to photograph lately! How do you even take pictures of babies her age?! She is too crazy active! Most of the photos look like the one below, her trying to grab the camera.
Nice chins, Ains.

I love my Ainsley Mae! 

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Megan said...

She is so cute!!! I can't wait to see her again and squish her :)