Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A million nicknames and a thing about Instagram

I say instagram weird. 
In my head it sounds like Iztagrayyyym.
I guess I'm just cool like that. 

Lately Instagram has kind of taken the place of blogging. BOO. Boo on you, Instagram. Boo on you for appealing to my lazy side and allowing me to "document" my life in 60 seconds or less. 
See, instead of blogging and telling you that I went to Babies R Us to get big girl 8oz bottles for that child of mine and wandered for over an hour lookin a fool because I couldn't decide which ones to get, I instagram it. One and Done. See, now I speak in baby ads. That's a brand of Huggies wipes. One and Done. Heaven help me. I am drowning in diapers and ridiculously cute miniature girl human clothes. Not going to lie though. I kind of like it. 
There I go again. 
Did you know that ADD is the most, do you want a cracker?

Back to the Instagram thing. Basically, I'm trying to be better at blogging. I don't make promises though. So you should follow me so we can all be friends. My usename is alexisks

Onto my second item of business. I was just wondering if anyone else who has produced one of these mini human things has as many nicknames for theirs as I have for mine. 
Allow me to demonstrate. 
This is Ainsley. 
Sometimes known as Ainsley pot, Ainsley cakes, Monkey, Monkey bones, little monkey, Stinky pot, Angel pot, Angel cakes, Angel baby, Sweet girl, Baby girl, Love muffin, Aisy, Ainsy girl, Squishy pants, Angry pants, Crazy bones, Punkin head, Sweet Pea, fuzzy, Lil Monster, da babe, Crazy pants, Cutie Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpy-can, Stink Monster, Baby Love, Squack box, Squeaker pants, Sister, Sista friend, and occasionally, Ainsley Mae. 
I love her, I love her and I don't care who knows it!

p.s. I settled on the Dr. Brown's bottles. 
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Bethany G said...

Seriously ... you guys made such a cute BABY! AHHH so cute.

Leah said...

Does she still let you swaddle her? I'm jealous, my kiddo does NOT like to be swaddled, it's even a hassle to keep him covered up at night. But I loooove her ASU onesie!! Too cute!

Ali Mills said...

Oh yes Rory has MANY nicknames as well.

Katie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gives my baby that many nicknames.