Monday, March 4, 2013

Date Night

Saying the adjustment to motherhood has been difficult would be an understatement. Let me be clear. I'm not talking about how great it is because it's SERIOUSLY AWESOME. Sometimes SERIOUSLY AWESOME things can also be seriously difficult too. Ain't that the truth?
I went from having both school and work to staying at home with my sweet girl. I love it, but it's totally different. I hadn't realized how much success at school, work, and the relationships at both were part of my identity. I didn't realize how much of my self worth came from doing well in those areas of my life. Sorry to sound cliche, but its like I'm trying to discover who I am all over again. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is since having this baby I have an intense need to get out.
Like, I'm going crazy people.
But with a husband doesn't have spare time sufficient enough to tell me the time, we haven't had any time for dating.

This weekend I had the genius idea of momma-baby dates!
First let me say that taking babies out in public can be a little stressful. They have a lot of gear and there's a million things you have to bring "just in case." Then there's also the variables. You don't really know when they're going to decide to throw a fit or spit up everywhere or need to eat or poop through their cutest outfit. I've taken her out plenty of times before but I always have the above possibilities at the back of my head robbing some of the fun of being out. This time I decided to just take things as they come. I decided to be calm and embrace the situation. This small attitude adjustment made all the difference and we had a great time. We went to a nearby shopping center and walked around for hours. When she was hungry, I found a bench and I nursed her. I decided to not even pay attention to people walking by so I wouldn't even know if I got weird looks. No big deal.

Thankfully we had no major mishaps. I would have wasted my time worrying about things that didn't happen anyway! Foolish.

I know this is so simple and so silly, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I feel like by going out and not being stressed about it I reclaimed some of my independence. Figuring out how to still be me while putting my baby first and transitioning into motherhood has been difficult and I'm sure will continue to be difficult, but I'm making progress.

Plus, I had the cutest date around!


karajean said...

Good for you! That sounds awesome! It gets a lot easier to take them out as they get older, too. Now I can be out for a few hours at a time without changing a diaper or feeding him. And it's been FOREVER since I had to change his clothes while we were out.

I am seriously in love with the weather right now though, so we need some hang-out dates too!

Emma Frances said...

You did have the cutest date around! :] And I really need to work on going out with Holland more! I think it really makes both of us so much happier!

Shay said...

She is such a doll and I love that you are doing this! I think some moms are really apprehensive to travel outside their house but it is so good for us. I got nervous that I wouldn't be prepared, would do something stupid blah blah blah but everyone is always kind and helpful.

Megan said...

i feel like you are posting the exact thoughts from my own mind when Eli was a baby. except i was still so busy that i didn't go on little dates. the year after he was born though was hard cause everything came to a halt all at once and all of a sudden there was this toddler there that demanded more attention and didn't praise me for my hard work and i was overwhelmed cause i was used to working with adults and doing other things. it's true that you really do have to find yourself again and figure out what your purpose is in a way. i love that you went on a date with Ainsley though! that's so smart and so needed. i should do that with Eli now :)