Friday, February 1, 2013

Ainsley's birth, part 1

First, you should know this story isn't going to win any prizes for exceptional writing. It's competent, at best. Can you expect anything more from a sleep deprived new mom? You better not...
[When I look at pictures of myself I kind of can't believe how big my belly got. Then, I look at my child and it makes a lot more sense.]

For about three weeks leading up to Ainsley’s birth I kept thinking, “it could happen any day now.” That made for three very long weeks. It was basically three years. The days drug on and, somehow, I got more and more miserable every day. Taking a shower was a victory over my body! I felt so dang crowded I felt like I didn’t have room to breathe any more. After 9 months of sickness, I really wanted this baby out. I wanted to finally hold my “prize” for all my suffering. I wanted my sweet baby girl HERE already!

I tried lots of the natural ways to “induce labor.” I tried walking, eating spicy foods, essential oils, sitting on a birthing ball nonstop….and lots of other silly things. Nothing was happening and I was getting frustrated.

My whole pregnancy I had been very against inductions and wanted so badly for my little girl to come on her own. As the day came closer and closer, Clint and I prayed for guidance. In my doctor’s appointment just a few days before my due date, we decided to set up an induction for January 10th. The doctor was concerned with the health of the placenta. I wasn’t aware going past your due date can cause complications. In addition, I was a little concerned with the size of my baby who had been measuring ahead of schedule for several weeks. I was mentally preparing myself for giving birth to a toddler.
[After changing into my stylish hospital gown.]

 I was due on a Sunday and our induction was set for that Thursday. Still, I was praying we wouldn’t have to go through with it and she would come on her own before our scheduled induction. Every day I spent praying, often full of tears. I wanted my baby and I wanted my body to do what it was supposed to. With every day that passed that I didn’t go into labor I felt more and more like my body was broken. I know that might sound silly, but tell that to a hormonal forty plus weeks pregnant woman! I wanted so badly to experience labor as naturally as possible.

The way we set up the induction, we came in the night before to try some more gentle ways to induce labor. The day we went in was fairly normal. I don’t remember what I did that day but remembering how utterly exhausted I was, I probably didn’t do much of anything. Clint went to school and work that day. When he came home, I had already packed most of what we needed. I had him pack whatever else he wanted and then we tried to take a nap since we knew we wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night. Well, Clint slept. I laid awake in bed thinking about what could be ahead of me in the next 24 hours. This whole birthing a baby thing was kind of a big deal to me. For my “last meal” I wanted Costa Vida, which was right by our hospital. We should have done this a few days earlier because I was so nervous I could hardly eat my delicious feast!

From dinner we went straight to the hospital. We came in at 8pm. They gave me cervadil to try and dilate my cervix, which was still only at a two by this point. The medication can also begin contractions, which it did for me. Right after I was given the medication I asked if I could go walk around. The nurse hesitated and I could tell she wasn’t supposed to let me go. She did and I am super thankful considering how long I was going to be tied to that bed for! My contractions started about 10pm that night. Needless to say, I hardly got any sleep. I think I slept just under two hours. Then at 4am they gave me another dose of the medication which increased the severity and frequency of my contractions a bit more. Early in the morning my doctor came and broke my water. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I couldn’t believe the amount of fluid I was storing inside my belly. Breaking the water made contractions a lot worse. Man that water acts as a nice buffer. It was gradually getting more and more painful. I had heard that you can’t eat while on pitocin so I asked the nurse if I could have something to eat beforehand. I am SO glad I did. She brought me in two pieces of toast and an apple. If I had known how long I was going to be in labor I would have asked for an entire loaf of bread!

To be continued.....
(should be posted tomorrow!) 


Ali Mills said...

Ahhhhh! I. Must. Know. More!! ;)

You were SOOO smart about the whole eating I forgot to eat cuz I was juts so excited to finally get that baby out of me that after it was all said and done I hadn't eaten in almost 36 hours! Worst part of the whole labor thing! Now I know to eat and sleep when I can during labor hahaha lesson learned ;)

LaynahRose said...

Oh my gosh I don't think I'd be able to get a wink of sleep! And then that would probably make labor harder! At least you got a little bit in

LaynahRose said...

Oh my gosh I don't think I'd be able to get a wink of sleep! And then that would probably make labor harder! At least you got a little bit in

Emma Frances said...

Eep! So excited to read the rest! And I look back at my pictures and can't believe how huge I got either! It is crazy that our bodies can even handle being pregnant!!

Chelsea said...

I was totally glued to this. I can't wait to read the rest!

karajean said...

Yay! Can't wait for more.

Also, re: sleep training; it's going pretty great! Nights and naps are getting so much better! I don't know if there is anything you can do with Ainsley girl though. I didn't even begin to think about giving Owen a schedule until he was 3-4 months old. Good luck - sleep when you can!