Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey (hey) You (you)!

Do you love old music as much as I do? My dad is a drummer so I grew up listening to clasics. Anyway. That has nothing to do with my post.

So, I'm not around on here very much, BUT I wanted to let you guys know life is fantastic. Sometimes life is rude to me but I still love it because it gives me nice things too like sunsets and popsicles. Still really busy and stressed and crazy but happy. Sometimes I think that's the best way to live. [my original plan was to show you a few amazing things on pinterest and design my dream house for you but IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! Is that even legal?! People might die from withdrawals. ]

New as of today:
  • I finished my 9 page (SINGLE SPACED) chapter summary after reading half a book for my stupid 2 credit hour class I talked about last time. Yeah, the material is cool. The workload is not. They told me to devote 4 hours a week to this class. That person can take a hike. AND get blisters. Maybe even a twisted ankle for good measure. Take that.
  • My skin looks like a snake and is peeling off like dandruff. I guess that's what happens when you spend too much time at the pool with Kara.
  • Has anyone ever watched switched at birth? I just discovered it on hulu and it's insane. It's so awful but I can't stop watching. LIKE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Do they adopt her? Does her brother ever get a better hair cut?! The suspense...
  • It was recomfirmed to me how much I hate people in my personal space like, oh, I don't know when they come up behind you unannounced and take stuff off your desk without asking like they own it and stand right behind you and have a conversation you don't want to hear while you're tempted to push back in your chair with great force and roll over their toes. Just an example, obviously. All I'm sayin is you should have enough distance between you and other humans that you can't immediately tell they had tortilla chips with their lunch. Am I wrong?
  • I'm pretty excited that I get to fly out to california for the day tomorrow and hang out with my sister who lives there. If you wonder how a poor college kid pays for the plane tickets, I don't. My mom works for one of the airlines. Stop your judging ;)
  • After getting trapped behind a garbage truck going 45 on the freeway (speed limit 65) I decided we should make a speed minimum for the highways. I don't know, maybe we should get crazy and say people should at least go 60? Thoughts?
  • I realized I can't eat a meal without wearing it. Today at work we had a potluck where nacho cheese was involved. Afterwards I realized I had smeared a good amount on both the bottom of my cardigan and my skirt. Then my boss has to point out to me that it was also all over my forearm and both elbows. How does that even happen!?
  • Oh yeah, my boss pointed it out when she met with me to tell me that after 2 years I am finally getting a raise! WOOT WOOT! Can't tell you how happy and thankful I am for that little blessing.
I don't know how this song randomly popped in my head, but it's true. They do happen. Hecks. Yeah.


Emma Frances said...

I swear I've gotten worse at eating without spilling since I got pregnant! Haha. So good luck when you're pregnant! And super yay for the raise and going to Cali!! I want my mom to work with an airline! I hope things get less crazy with that class! It sounds ridiculous! I guess at the very least it's interesting.

Chelsea said...

I WATCH SWITCHED AT BIRTH! I do! I do! It is so addicting, and I don't know why the whole world doesn't watch it.

katilda said... ...i think this all the tiiiime. And i haven't watched switched at birth, but the line about the haircut made me laugh. i know it's the kind of thing i would hone in on, too!

Brigitte said...

Love this post!!

In Qu├ębec (Canada) they have minimum speed limits because the drivers there are crazy and their style of driving is different? Very different lol!

karajean said...

You must have been burned worse than me! Mine did not peel it all, but it did hurt something fierce for the first couple of days.

Elise Frederickson said...

Minimum speeds need to happen. Stat. And I'm jealous of your mom's sweet hookups and your trip to California. You are living the dream, girl! (Minus the 9 page paper perhaps.)

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Congrats on the raise :) I'm sure it is much deserved.

And how nice you get free flights, I hope you enjoyed your day in California. I wish I could go to California, and sit outside the MCRD with binoculars and look for Matt. haha. I think about it too much.

Good job on your paper! and I hope you stop wearing your food. I don't do that much, it seems like I'm pretty lucky and when I miss my mouth it doesn't end up on me. But the other day I did spill some sauce on myself at lunch at noon, and didn't notice until I went to the bathroom like 2 hours later and was washing my hands and looking in the mirror. I wish someone would have said something to me!