Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The greatest dumb show ever made.

Yep! The bachelor/ette! A friend got me watching it awhile ago, then I forgot about it until I got meningitis and would watch anything somewhat entertaining on hulu. I've watched every season since, which this is only the 2nd. So I've watched one and the beginning of Emily's. But still, I love it! Emily has been my favorite season so far.

Here are my top picks for her this season
Doug. I think he's everything she needs. He's manly, kind, and an awesome dad. But maybe he's too manly and not sensitive enough. Either way I've been impressed with how much he has stood up for her and the integrity he has had. Plus, he's not too difficult to look at.

Even though I have a deep HATE for suit coats with a T-SHIRT (really, stop being a girl and make up your mind), and his name sounds kind of girly, I really like Arie. Plus, I think she likes him a LOT too. I could easily see him be the last one standing. Even though the last episode showed their relationship not as strong, I have no doubt it'll pick right back up. Plus, he was hilarious playing the nurse AND he seems to really be ready to take on the role of dad. [I know, I pretend to know what I'm talking about. It's fine.]

Sean is probably my favorite. I think he's so sweet and probably the kindest, most genuine on here. He's gentle while still maintaining his manly-ness. Wait are we talking about my husband here? I forgot. ;) I think she's into him too. Plus, how many natural blondes are left out there? It's a dying species! SAVE THE RACE!

Jef has competition with Sean of being my favorite. BUT, since his hair looks like something crawled up there and died (sorry Jef!) it puts him lower on the list by default. If I was Emily I would plan my date with him to a beauty salon to snip that beast. Despite his crazytown hair, Jef is really cool. I like his quite confidence and his sense of humor. I think he's a sweetie too. But I'm kind of turned off by how he knows way more about fashion and designers than I do. [side note, I don't care about knowing either] That kind of tears a corner of his man card off. But then his awesomeness tapes it back on. Win some and you lose some. Keep fighting Jefaroni!

I would talk about what a tool Kalon is, but seriously, homeboy is getting plenty of attention already. For the record, I never liked him and it had NOTHING to do with his entrance the first night.

One you might not see coming, is I really don't care for Chris. I can't find a picture of him but this will substitute just fine:
Does that not look just like him? Every time I look at him I think of Ken. I think he's a nice guy...but I think he's kind of fake. Or as they put it in bachelorette lingo "not ready for love" (as if that were a thing).

I also won't spend time talking about how Ryan is a brown and more handsome version of Bently.
And I won't spend time telling you how much I like Travis too but I'm undecided because I haven't seen him that much.
And I won't waste the time telling you I was really bummed Charlie went home so soon. I know, that was like so x weeks ago.

But I WILL spend the time telling you a pretty hilarious discovery. So you know how on all the guys' season when a girl comes to talk to them about "a girl in the house whose not there for the right reasons" and he gets all savethedramaforyomomma on her? When it's a girls season (emily) and the guys don't tell her about a punk she gets all no-one-has-my-back-and-you-are-all-disrespectful-for-not-telling-me. Ah, the never ending difference between guys and girls. Also, Emily never told Brad about Michelle. I smell a double standard! But either way, I LOVE Emily. She makes me laugh which means she's the bomb. And I hafta say I really liked when she told Kalon off. I like a girl with a backbone.

So, your welcome for a pointless blog post.

(you can watch the show on or Hulu! Hop to it!)


{head 2 toe} said...

HAHAHA. I agree with you! Sean and Jef all the way....but Sean more, for the exact same reason. :) Also, did you see the "this season on the bachelor" scene where Emily is on a hill with mystery man (backside) and a temple is in the background?!? BAHAHAHA! I guess Jef gets a homedate!?

Katie said...

I don't even watch the show and I enjoyed reading your commentary.

Anonymous said...

Jef gets a home date! He's originally from St. George and that's where his parents live now. That shot was from his parent's backyard. He doesn't even live in Salt Lake City. He's from Pleasant Grove haha. Anyway, I hope he wins!

Bri Buzali said...

First of all, I love how everyone seems to be obsessed with this season. I think it's because of the sweet southern gal Emily! haha and I'm totally pulling for Arie! He's cute!

Carlie said...

I love this season too! Best ever! I think Jef looks like Jimmy Neutron! Ha ha! And Sean is my fav too! I hope she picks him so I can see them around Dallas!

Shalyn said...

Haha loooovveee this! I agree on all counts- Sean, Jeff and Doug are my faves! Too bad I read the spoiler...

Hannah Mitchell said...

Gosh, you seriously just named my top 4 picks as well! I just can't make up my mind though because they're THAT awesome. Glad to know I'm not the only one.... lol