Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a million years behind.

I have been so crappy about blogging lately. I know most of you probably don't miss me, but I miss it. I feel like the longer I wait to write things the more I forget. Acutally that's not just a feeling that's a fact. But good news, we finally found a place to live and I will hopefully bite the bullet soon and start packing, my husband still has a smokin hot bod thanksforasking, and I usually don't embarrass myself more than 6 times a day! I'll take it! 

So maybe let's highlight on a few of my favorite events that have happened recently.
 Our nephew Parker! We went to visit Clint's brother who is doing dental school in Kentucky. Hopefully I'll eventually share more photos, but for now I just have a few!
 We took a day and went biking along the river and packed a picnic- heaven! The weather was perfect there. I almost want to move there. Did you know EVERYONE has a lawn there? And they have trees with LEAVES. Not those little stick things or quater inch sorryexcuseforleaves leaves! It was so beautiful.
Clint playing with Parker outside their bomb complex. Isn't he darling? Obviously, we had an awesome time!
 Check out this disater. I left the house for less than an hour and this is what I come back to! I left a load in the washer and apparently it was too much for it to handle. It shook so much that it knocked off our detergent and everything that was sitting on top. It was seriously a mess to clean. I'm still crying about it. Not to mention losing like $20 worth of tide. BOO! My life is really hard.
 I love photobooths! This was at Danielles BEAUTIFUL wedding! She looked gorgeous! She's one of my best friends that I've met through the dietetic program and I just LOVE her!
 At her bachelorette party the week before. Isn't she gorgeous?
 Nicki's graduation. What a hot momma! Officially an RN. I'm so proud ;)
 I went to the graduation with Josh and Derek. They're hilarious. Josh is also in the same engineering program as my husband and Derek and I now go to the same college. Go health promotion! Woot woot!
 My awesome box of sunshine from Annie! She knows just when I'm having a hard time. Love that girl.
 After Pat's Run. I have mixed emotions. The actual race day was so awesome, but I seriously can't stand running. I don't know if I'll do another race or not. But I'm still glad I did it and met my goal.
 Proof my husband is a STUD. Stands for stunning tasty unbadlooking and dashing. This was on our california trip with my family to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Just kidding mom, I know it was only 30th ;)
 Our cutie nieces and nephew on my families' side! I love those kids more than Dr. Pepper. Yeah, I said it.
My best friend ever, my sister!! You can tell me she got all the good looks and I wouldn't even be upset I like her so much.

So there's about a 67th of what I've been up to these past few months. How about you? Is it hot where you live? I got in my car today and it said 107! I'm pretty sure when I stepped outside some of my hair got singed off. 

Peace and Blessins
Jenna, this is the video I was telling you about! Everyone else, it's so worth it! Also, does anyone have some kool-aid they could spare to help a sista out?  

p.s. why did blogger change everything when I was gone!?


With Glitter On Top said...

love all the pics :) great blog you have here! come check mine out sometime :D

Autumn said...

OMG! Just seeing those baby pictures brightened up my day. :] A real sweetheart.

MONICA said...

I missed your blog. You crack me up:) When I blog (which is almost never) I think of your witty comments and am sad I am not so witty:(

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

megan danielle said...

i loveeeee that video hahahaha

Deveny said...

I'm dying over that video.. hahaha

Emma Frances said...

Looks like you two have had quite an awesome summer so far! :) Also, you two have so many cute nieces and nephews! I love seeing pictures of them on Facebook/Instagram! Oh, and I love your words for what the letters in STUD mean. HILARIOUS!