Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Discovery of the day.

Remember how I scrunch my nose?
Let me refresh your memory...

as shown here:

I think my flippin handsome/adorable/deathinducingcuteness nephew might take after me. 

Check it out!
At just 11 months, I sense some scrunchage... along with the squinty eyes.
So proud. 
Now if only I could look as cute as him when I do it....


Maria said...

you both are adorable!! you wear the scrunchie nose well!
love your wedding photo...beautiful <3
happy wednesday
maria :)

LaynahRose said...

ahh so cute. i do that too!
although it doesnt really bring forth cheers of adorement anyore like it did when i was a baby/toddler/child. haha.

Kara said...

Hahah that is precious! Your's is cute too!

ashley.warner said...

this is awesome!
saw your photo on instagram - ya, i follow you there too.
you can't get rid of me!

Carlie said...

Oh my gosh! That is too cute! r

elise @ elise's pieces said...

Oh my freaking adorable.

Purposely at Home said...

awww! too cute!

hey, i tagged you on a fun questionnaire thingy on my blog...hope you can participate! ;) have a wonderfully blessed day.


Shalyn said...

You ARE cute! Him...he is just plain adorable- baby boys are the best;-)

jennifer blair said...

So. Stinkin. Cute!!! Hehe. I love the scrunch!

Alyx said...

HEading over from all things ashley! Love your blog it's adorable. And your guest post there was great.
Also... My husband makes fun of me because I scrunch my nose, too.
That is all.

Emma Frances said...

I love that you scrunch your nose! Haha. And it is absolutely adorable that your nephew is following suit!