Saturday, December 10, 2011


I interrupt the brain exploding inducing studying for a short message.
This song is just too perfect.

Sometimes you need a break. I've set the timer for 5 minutes, haha!
Did you read the guest posts from Elisabeth and Lissa? If not, scroll down. They're both exceptional! We have some good ones coming up next week too. Party in da HOUSE!

You know, finals teach you some interesting things. Like how B6 is a shiff base and adapts to the enzyme given so it can interact with an amino acid [that's the short version. Also, see what I did there? Even snuck in some studying with my break. Multitasker].
But then you learn some real useful stuff.
Like just how long you can go without washing your hair and still have friends. That's my current social experiment. 

I've also learned some other things. I'm sure I have. I was going to tell you more, but my brain is just too fried to remember them. So instead, here's some random goodness.

Last night I had a crazy dream.
It was about vampires.
 Don't ask me if I've seen the latest Twilight movie...I rather die. Okay that's minorly dramatic. Admitted.  
In my dream, Clint and I went to this play about vampires. Somehow, I became a part of the play. I transformed from my 100 and something pound self [don't you love the ambiguity?] into a 300 pound woman who looked like an opera singer. Note that somehow I "knew" I was 300 pounds, but really for my size I would have been more like 600. I couldn't walk. 
In the play, I got bit and turned into a vampire. Then Clint and I go home and go to bed. I wait for him to fall asleep and then I try to bite him. The problem is my fat is in the way and I can't reach him. And I got really frustrated. And I thought to myself, "self, you've got to do something about this."
Thinking back on it now, It's kind of humorous. However, at the time I was so scared. I woke up panting and scared. HAHA! Ever happened to you? You have a completely ridiculous dream but it was so scary at the time?
I felt bad until Clint told me his was disturbing. We'll just leave it there.
Do you think we're accountable for our dreams? Really. I think there's no way I could come up with half the stuff I dream. Aside from last night- that was nothing, I have some pretty gruesome dreams.

Also, it's a good thing ASU raised their tuition over $700 for next semester. Clint and I were wondering what we were going to do with our spare $1400.


Annie said...

yikes! I have some good dreams too that I should share sometime. One of them includes protecting pirate treasure.
Also, I sure hope that means they are raising financial aid!!

Kendra said...

Seriously! Schools and their tuition! It's getting out of hand. DItto to Annie about raising financial aid. My husband and I are going through the same annoyance :/

Ali said...

Girl just wait til you're pregnant!! My dreams are all sorts of odd/scary/hilarious/etc I mean just ridiculous hahahaha

And stupid ASU.....they're driving me bonkers....thank goodness for financial aid but still ugh MORE hikes???

Carlie said...

There is so much I want to say about this post, but I will spare you all of it and just say, I love it! And I have some pretty crazy dreams too. I always hear how when your pregnant your dreams get stranger, so I should maybe look into writing horror movies when that happens. haha.

elise @ elise's pieces said...

They raised tuition? Yucky yuck. Also, I like your vampire story and study break-ness. Good luck, you'll make it!

Emma Frances said...

Coolest dream ever!! Haha. Dreams are so weird and I'm pretty sure we're not held accountable for them...but who really knows? Haha.

Megan said...

Ugh, raised tuition stinks. And yes, dreams can be really really scary!! It's crazy what our mind does while we sleep!!

Shalyn said...

You WOULD have a nightmare where you are more concerned about being fat than a vampire, HA...such a nutrition major!

Amanda said...

Boo on the tuition increase! And what a crazy dream?! Have you ever used It's fun to use to analyze your dreams!

katilda said...

we better not be accountable for our dreams or else i am one twisted girl! i don't know how the weird stuff gets in my head....i cover my eyes and ears during even PREVIEWS for scary movies. shrug.