Sunday, September 25, 2011

That's what I think.

First things first, how did so many other people spend their Friday nights doing laundry and watching modern family? Seriously, look at how many people did the SAME THING in my comments. Too bad you guys weren't also nose deep in biochem books. Then we'd really be twinners.

Want to know what I think?
I assume you do, to some degree, considering you read my blog.
I'm not lashing out, or angry in any way. I just want to express an opinion. I don't think it's appropriate to put down someone's religion on their blog. This is my place to leave my thoughts. If you don't like them, don't read them. No harm done. If the person who is doing this is reading this, please know that I am not angry with you. I'm just saying, simply, that it's not appropriate.

I don't really understandthe point of cruelty. Especially in this instance. What good will bashing my religion do? It's certainly not going to make me change my mind. Does it make you happy? I doubt that it would. To me, I don't care if you believe goats are going to turn into helicopters and use rainbows for fuel while they save people. [yeah. I just said that.] As long as you're not harming others, I will leave you to your beliefs in peace, and I would expect the same humane respect from you.

So if you're wondering why I changed my comments to be moderated before showing up, this is my reasoning. It was getting out of hand. It's not because I am going to monitor what you say, I just don't think you all should be put in a place to read such repulsive words, and I will in no way support that showing up on my blog. 

If you want to learn more about the mormon religion, feel free do so with an open heart at 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ that I know it to be true with all my heart. It inspires me to be better, to love deeper, to cultivate an everlasting relationship with God and Jesus Christ, and to find happiness every single second. Would you change that for anything? I wouldn't.  

p.s. if any of you are interested in sending me future hate mail, please e-mail me at dancewithalexis{at}aol{dot}com where I can properly shred it, burn it, and throw it in the big smelly dumpster. Or on second thought, I'll just delete it without reading it. But really, you go right ahead. It don't even matta to me!


Get Craftlicious said...

Good for you Alexis... you shouldn't have to deal with that. Don't blame you for moderating your comments.
P.S. Have you heard of it's pretty great.
=) Breann @

Gentri said...

Hmmm I wonder if we had similar experiences. That's why my comments are set to where I have to moderate them first.

Mrs. Ali said...

Um LOVE this! Well said! I love you and our religion and I'm sorry you had to deal with meanie heads ;)

Emma Frances said...

That sucks that you got mean comments! I love your response though :) Also, I didn't spend Friday night Doug laundry and watching Modern Family bit that's definitely what I spent yesterday doing! Haha.

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I hate that there's such a need to tear other people down. I don't think that the internet INVENTED cruelty exactly but it sure makes it a whole lot easier. So many things people can say that they would never have the guts to say to your face...


I'm so sorry that anyone was attacking your personal beliefs. It takes a real lack of compassion and care to do something like that. I'm glad that you continue to focus on the best about your blog and your faith.

karajean said...

Whoa. That's crazy insane. People are crazy insane. Not a bad response though! I've only ever gotten one mean spirited comment and at first I was just SO shocked! Like, why do people take time out of their day to be mean? Anyway, you handled it well :)

allora said...

you are wonderful! I'm so glad that you are standing up for everything you believe in! You are such an inspiration to me. :) Keep on keeping on Alexis!!

Bekah said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!!! It bugs me how us LDS seem to always be the target for the most hurtful and unnecessary things!! Way to be Alexis!!!!!

Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the sweetest comment ever! You are so beautiful and you truly radiate. I am amazed and impressed by your integrity stand and I am touched by the way the light of Christ shines through YOU on your blog! You are amazing!!

Katie said...

Hey girly, you've probably had different people tell you this like 20 times now, but I nominated you for a blog award!

My Songbook said...

You go girl :)

Oh, and I belong to the goat religion. How did you know?!

Anyway, thanks for not discriminating.

(jk...I couldn't help myself)

Adelyn said...

I laughed for 5.3 minutes straight at your goat religion. It made my weekend.

And receiving hateful comments is one of the hardest things to deal with. You're putting yourself out there on your blog and people choose to come and read, and then bash it. It's awful!

anywho, I adore you. and your blog. and your newfound religion.