Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool as a cucumber

The truth is that's the opposite of how I am right now. I have some really exciting news to tell you but since I care about you all so much, first I'm going to share something you're all going to benefit from.

[does anyone else think it's awkward when I tell you what I'm going to tell you before I tell you?]

Clint and I really like cucumbers on our sandwiches. I've found some good deals on them, so I've been buying them. The problem is, once you slice enough for two sandwiches, you still have apx 73% of the cucmber left. To use up the leftovers, yesterday I sliced up the remaining cucumber and put it in a tupperware container. Then I put in a shake of salt, and a squeeze of lime juice. Then I put the lid on. Then I shook it all up. Then I waited a few hours for my belly to get hungry. Then I opened it and ate it. Then my taste buds were really happy. Then I was really happy because I have a close knit relationship with muh "buds".

Marghartia cucumber party in my mouth! Seriously though, it was delicious and I think you should try it. They were like healthy, delicious, flavorful chips.

Okay, now for the exciting news!

I get two gou too skewl!

Obviously I need it! Honestly though! I am SOOOO happy/relieved/excited/blessed/thankful/excstatic/awesome/pretty. Maybe I just threw in the last two for good measure. But financial aid got back to us and we got GRANTS! I LOVE THE GOVERNMENT! Between our grants, our scholarships, and our bank account, we have enough to pay for school!! Our conversation over googlechat went something like this.

Him: Oh my gosh!!! Wanna go to disneyland [I bug him about going to disneyland ALL. THE. TIME!]
Me: YESSSS! Let's go now!
Him: Oh my gosh I can't even concentrate on work.
Me: You don't have to! Let's quit our jobs!

So there you have it folks. Aren't you impressed with our maturity? We're adults, let's be serious. I cannot even say how grateful I am. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much lately, I'm in awe. I see His hand in my life everyday. Only now I'm going to cry because this means I have to go to the dentist. I've been avoiding it up until now because "we can't afford it". Well, that excuse is gone, and so is my sanity.

To stay on the topic of gratitude, my friend Breann wrote this post this week that really touched me. Watch that video. It could possible be the best 3 minutes and 26 seconds you spend today. You won't be sorry. You might shed a tear though. I did.


LaynahRose said...

haha I love when you include google chats :) CONGRATULATIONS, btw, on the monies!

And I've definitely tried that with cucumbers before, and it is indeed delicious.

Kelsey Cole said...

Congratulations! grants are a newlywed's best friend:) thats so exciting about school!

Kaycie said...

hahaha that's how our conversations go all the time! We're not very adult-like... :) HOORAY! SCHOOL!

LeAhnna said...

YAAAYYYY! So happy for you! :D

kelli case anderson said...

heavenly father blesses us so much.

ashley.warner said...

yay lady! i am so happy that things are happening the way that they're supposed to for you.
heavenly father is so good to His children. I love it!

thanks for your sweet words. i really appreciate them during this tricky time in my life. you're a sweetheart


Cindy said...

Hahahah honestly Alexis -- that cucumber almost made me not read this post xD

he kind of scared me!! hahahha cucumbers with eyes 0_0 oh my lol! but jk, it's not too bad, I was just like...oh, WOAH haha

And AHHH, I'm so happy to hear about the grants!!!! That's great and I hope you get your pearly whites check out, and you and hubby go to Disney!! :) I've never been there, but I hear it's da bestest.

I'll check out the video too. I love inspirational pieces. :) have a good friday and sorry for the long comment! xD

Autumn said...

Congratulations! Being married and paying for school is so stressful. We felt the same way when we saw everything get deposited....which is great. Because of Devin's scholarships we used the pell grant money to pay off my four graduate school classes.

Shalyn said...

I was so happy when you said something about your scholarships on Facebook- that is beyond amazing. I bet so much stress is gone!

karajean said...

YAYAYAYA! Congrats! Stress over money worries is NOT fun. Glad things with school are working out!