Monday, June 13, 2011

The best kind

The best kind of giveaway is the kind that everyone wins right?

People who don't blog don't seem to understand it, but there's something freeing about being able to write what you feel and sending it out not knowing who, or if anyone, will read it. It's a place where you get to tell your story, as little or as much as you feel like sharing. Plus, it's fun. And you all know I'm all about the fun having. Even though I'm not super talented or spend a whole lot of time on it, it's an easy creative outlet for me. I've always been someone who needed those, even back in the crayon days.

I think it's awesome to read others' stories.
People are fascinating.
No two are the same.
Different aspects of beauty.
Every one has talents to share.
Insight to convey.
Different lessons learned.
Different struggles.

Yet somehow, we're all the same. We're all just people doing the best we can, with what we have.

It's great when you find someone you relate to.
One of the difficult things about blogging is getting your blog out there. I want to help. The "giveaway" I will be hosting is free sponsership for this month! All you have to do is become a follower, and leave the code to your button in a comment, or the URL to your blog where I can find your button. I will post it on the side of my blog. This will give people an opprotunity to find new, fun blogs, and also to get their blog out there.

What are you waiting for?
If you're not a follower already, become one. It's easy. My "follower box" is located on the right column. Then leave me the URL for your blog, or the html code for your button for me to post. The buttons will be posted under the "blogs that are bomb" header.

Giveaway ends Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Tuesday. Or next month. Or whenever I feel like stoppping.
Buttons will appear for apx a month. Or again, whenever I feel like stopping.

Thanks friends :)
I know you never get tired of seeing my hottie husband. It's okay. I can't blame you!


Blooming Words said...

We love your blog! It is great to read your fresh, happy style!!

I tried to leave a button but for some reason it won't let me.


karajean said...

Don't have a button, but you know I'm at


Amy said...

This is a really good idea and so nice of you to do that for bloggers! You're right, the hardest part about blogging is getting your blog out there. It takes a lot of work! This "giveaway" is such a fun idea, I might have to steal it in the future! :)

I just tried to leave my html code in this comment, but blogger won't let me. I'll have to email it to you. Thanks!!

amy day to day
check out my coral red bag giveaway

Amy said...

I sent the html code to your aol address because that's the only email I saw on your blog :)

Lili said...

That is such a cool giveaway! I've been thinking about someting to give away for some time now, something that doesn't cost a lot and can be given away internationally without HUGE shipping costs.. That really is a great idea. Maybe I'll borrow it with a reference to you sometime in the future ^^
And by the way, I can't get enough of your beautiful wedding pictures *aww* :-)

Relatable Style

Collin&Tatum said...


Kaycie said...

How sweet are you?! That's a great idea, I'd love to join :)

My button is on my blog at

Autumn said...

Found your blog not to long ago. And love it. Here is the link to my blog
This the best give away I seen in a long time!

Amy said...

Just realized my button doesn't get directed to my actual blog. I'll have to figure it out and email you again so you can replace it!

elise said...

You're my favorite.

karajean said...

... don't think I'm silly, but I totally made a button! Just for you!
Go find it!

Anna said...

I made a button as well! You are so darling.

val said...

this is awesome! I've been following for awhile now!
my buttons are on the left sidebar of my blog!

amazing idea!

Siri Natalia said...

It won't let me post the button code so I'll email it to you! Love your blog! :)

Becca, aka Maggie said...

I think this is a great idea! And I love your blog! I am new to the whole blogging world and only have 5 followers, 4 of which are family ;) I love the way you write and your outlook on life!

Courtney B said...

Oh I love this idea!! I'd totally leave you a link but I don't have a button?! Ah!! How do I make one?

Candace Stevenson said...

totes a new follower :) I like this idea! and I like yout bloggy. I'm glad I stmbled upon it

Lovely Little Rants

celestial* said...

I had a friend suggest this blog to me and I'm so glad she did. I adore it because it's adorable. Yes, I just said that.
I'm so thrilled to get the word out about my little creation. 44 followers and going strong! :)

My button is on the top right.

Thanks a bajillion!

Oh! and to Courtney B up there, this link helped a lot:

Anna said...

THANK YOU! Seriously. Thank you so much!

Becca and Derek said...

Already following! And, I also have a a give-a-way up on my blog! Check it!

Amy said...

I emailed you a new html code because the one that's on right now doesn't take people to my blog. Thanks!

amy day to day
check out my coral red bag giveaway

Gentri said...

Love this!! :D I would love to "win" this giveaway!!

Sara Shoemaker said...

So it said I can't post my button in this comment..something about the code is not allowed. but here is my blog: The House of Shoes where you can find my button on the right column.

you are AWESOME! your blog makes me happy.

allora said...

:) I'm so excited about this!! Too fun!

You can find my button at on the top right!!

You are too cute Alexis!

Oh, and Kara if you see this, don't feel bad, i made a button just for this too ;)

Bekah said...

What a great idea!!!!! I don't have button, because I am technologically impaired, but here is my link :)

Thanks :)

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh this is cool thanks friend! I'm on my dads iPad so I can't really copy and paste but my buttons are on the lefthand side :) scroll down and at:
Have a good day!

Jennifer said...

Aw, you are such a light. I love reading your sweet posts! And this is a fantastic idea!