Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just a lovely love story, that's all.

I was just thinking to myself about how I didn't feel like blogging today. I'm kind of exhausted, and don't have much to say. I know, big surprise right?
Conveniently, my guest post love story was posted last night!
Click here to read even more details on our love story:
The Soul Anchor is a bomb blog you should probably all follow.

Since I'm already blogging, might as well catch you up a little bit. Clint and I moved into our apartment today! We're in love with it! It's so perfect for us. Clint had us look at tons of apartments even though I knew from first sight where we would live. Again, he makes decisions by weighing out all logical reasons, I make decisions based largely on what I feel. We're just perfect for each other! It's 610 square feet (good thing we like each other right?) for $540 a month. Can't beat that. We have a washer and dryer (yeah, smack dab in our kitchen cuz we're classy like that) a dishwasher (that sounds like it's being run over), an oven (haven't tested that out yet), TWO closets (BOMB), a 24 hour fitness center (bomb diggity!), a pool (Ba Bomb Bomb), included cable (nice perk, but we'll likely never use it!) and it's just awesome all around. We spent all day moving, and now I'm here at work. I'm beat! I'm so excited though!!! I really love our place. It's going to be perfect, mostly for the fact that we'll be together. I can't wait to make our home together a place of love and peace. I'm ridiculously excited to live with him. No, not just for the reason you're thinking of. I'm so excited to wake up and see his face first thing. I'm so excited to do dishes together. I'm excited to fall asleep watching movies. I'm excited we'll be in our place that we share together. I'm excited to work together to sustain a happy, healthy home. I'm excited to be able to see him every day. I love him so much. Every second I spend without him I miss him, so as much as we can decrease the time apart, the better.

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful today.

p.s. I love this song. I had to come back and add it. I have no desire to return to highschool, other than the fact it would give me an awesome opprotunity to choreograph/perform a dance to this. There just aren't the same dancing opprotunities for grown ups!


Katie said...

Haha I love how we both used "bomb" a lot in our most recent posts. And your apartment hunting/finding/decorating all sounds so fun! And a 24 hour fitness center sounds AWESOME.

Alexia said...

Cute post :) It got me excited reading about how excited you are about moving in with your hubby. I can't wait till one day the same happens to me. I'm sure you're probably going through an overwhelming amount of emotions right now, but God will give you the strength to run an amazing household along with your husband. :) Many blessings to you!

andy & lo said...

holy cow!
that place sounds amazing :)
ahh what i would give to pay less than a 1/3rd of what we pay.
haha. suckideedoodah for mortgages.
enjoy it and save that mulah! that's seriously a steal of a deal.. AND WITH A POOL, FITNESS CENTER & WASHER DRYER!
okay, can you tell im drooling and just a TAD envious?
im excited for you two!
hurry & get hitched already

Gentri said...

I love that song too!! :D And you're a dancer?! Yay! We're twins. haha!

I'm so excited for you two and your new apartment! Promise you'll share pictures with us bloggers? :)

brandilyn said...

living with a boy is the BESSSST!!!

Courtney B said...

Ah so so exciting for you guys!! Seriously, I don't know how we did it, but for 15 months we lived in a studio. I do know how we did it, it cost $400 a month. We learned to like each other way better than we ever thought we could! :) We called it our box.. so glad we've been there, done that!
I'll definitely be checking out your guest post!!

Alexa Mae said...

Yay!! So excited for you.
You guys are such a darling couple.

I have to tell you, you are just one of my favorite people in blogland. I love all of your comments and how they are always just what I need. I am either laughing or tearing up. I read your email at Disneyland and it was perfect. I am planning on emailing you back asap but I had to let you know...I love you and appreciate you! I think we need to do lunch. Whatdoyasay?

jenn (+ will) said...

it's so nice that you won't have to say goodbye each night!!!!! it's also fun that it's YOUR own place, and you can let it get as messy as you want :) so exciting, let's see some pics when you get settled!!

ashley.warner said...

please take some photos when ya'll get situated in the apartment! :)

and just fyi, i am in love with nozuka! that is one of my favorite songs....ahhh
we should be sisters :)