Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It was horrible.

I went to the dentist today.
This kid was braver than me.
I seriously hate everything about the dentist.
I hate the smell.
I hate the taste of the gloves.
I hate how those things they put in your mouth to do x-rays make me gag every.single.time. I have really sensitive gag reflexes, which actually makes the whole process of someone's hands in my mouth very unpleasant.
I hate the high pitched drill.
I hate the smell when they're polishing.
I really hate when they scrape your teeth. Goosebumps the whole time.
I hate how they ask you questions with long responses when they're hands are in your mouth. "uhmf eut odie sdfkj". Then they say "what?" as if you could actually give them a better response the second time.
I hate the light blaring in my eyeballs.
I hate the way you can't see the dentists eyes with those magnifier things on them.
I hate how I always manage to get sprayed
I hate how the numbing shots make me feel. Does everyone feel really hot and like they're going to pass out? He said I have a reaction to it so we'll try a different kind next time.

Okay. I could keep going. But I'll stop there. Do you hate the dentist? I bet if you didn't before, you do now. I actually went to a really good dentist today. Clint and I decided to go to the dentist before we get married because we won't have dental insurance. I have been [not] going to a dentist in Tucson, because that's where I grew up and we never switched to one in Mesa. The dentist and hygenist were actually really nice. I told her about my horror stories as a child with the hygenists. They were mean.

I got two fillings today. YIKES. And I have to go back for one tomorrow! When my dentist before filled one of the teeth, he filled it with some decay still left in there. The filling was just sitting on top of the decay. So it spread within the tooth, and even spread to it's neighbor. I had a cavity between the two teeth. YUCK. Despite my dilligent flossing, mouthwash, and brushing now, I still cant take back how crappy I treated my teeth when I was younger. It's really catching up to me. He said the decay I have in those teeth started when I was probably about 7 years old. Oh, that makes sense. Because I was horrible with brushing my teeth and didn't even know how to use floss until a few years down the road. At 21, I'm paying for my 7 year old mistakes. That'll teach you a lesson on consequences. If you have little kids, please go teach them to brush their teeth. and floss. and moutwash. and the importance of keeping them clean. If I had only known!

I said [to myself] I wasn't going to complain. Then I started and couldn't stop. Sorry guys. Now I feel guilty. Want to know why? Because I just read this newly single dad's story. He lost his wife earlier this month. In the last three posts he tells the story of her death, her funeral, and trying to move forward. It is nothing short of inspiring. If you have a lover, hold them close and tell them how much you care! You really never know what could happen. Click here to read.

p.s. you can still guest post! send me an e-mail with your ideas! I would need them soon :)


Vale ♥ said...

LOL I hate going to the dentist, I am sooo scared, gotta have wisdom teeth removed and can't decide myself !


Autumn said...

My Mum hates the dentist. Its her #1 phobia.

Jennifer said...

Haha. I think it's so funny that lots of people hate the dentist. I always kinda like going. Maybe it's because I had braces for 4 years...I got used to the feeling.

Becca and Derek said...

The best part about the dentist is the feeling you get when you leave!


Megan said...

Ughhhhh. I hate the dentist, too!! Mostly just for the part about them asking you questions when they are playing in your mouth. Totally awkward!! I can't believe you went just a few days before your wedding!! You are brave!!

Janna Renee said...

I don't hate the dentist, but somehow I always put off going...speaking of which- i unfortunately must go soon...bleh ;)

Gentri said...

Hey Alexis! I sent you an email w a guest post and just want to make sure you got it. I know you wanted them
Today and I am sure you had a lot of people who want to do it. Let me know If you got
It though! :)

S and O said...

Ewwww...the dentist! Girl I don't blame you one bit, going to the dentist is no fun at all :P