Saturday, April 9, 2011

The love continues! (part two)

This is part two of our love story. Didn't read part one? Scroll down, it was the past post.

The date ended. He walked me to my door. He asked if he could see me on Sunday. I told him my family was coming over for dinner, and he was invited. He [maybe too quickly] accepted. The next day was Saturday. All the Halloween parties were going on this night. He went with his brother to a Jimmy Eat World Concert. After he got done, I invited us to come out with us. He said he had to do homework. Homework? Puh-LEASE! On practically Halloween? And a Saturday night? This is the first indication I knew this boy would need some loosening up. [love you Clint!]. I was really disappointed he didn't come out with us. Here's how legit I looked:
Sunday came, he was nervous around my family, but fit right in. We went on a walk around my neighborhood. Somehow we got on the topic of hand sizes. I think he was talking about a grandma with large hands or something. Don't ask me how we got on this, couldn't tell you. Seriously guys, I have man hands. And huge feet, but that's a different story for a different time. So we compared hand sizes and he so smoothly laced his fingers in mine. Yup, we were holding hands! I think Wednesday or Thursday that week he asked me out for another date for that weekend. Well, he didn't learn his lesson before and I already had dates for that weekend! I was bummed! He was even more bummed! I guess he didn't want to wait a whole week again, so he invited me over for dinner that Sunday. Wow, I am giving you guys way too many details. Raise your hand if you're yawning! Hang in a little bit longer ;)

The next week and a half or so passed, we spent a ton of time talking, doing homework, and laughing. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I made him work really hard for it. We were dating over a month before I even let him kiss me. I was nervous starting a relationship with him. I think I was so nervous because I knew this was it. I knew once we got into a relationship, things would move fast, and we would be getting some fancy rings soon. It was a lil bit scary. Even though I had been "committed" to him about a month before, once we officially started dating, things got even more amazing. One night we were sitting on my couch talking after a date. I grabbed his hand and told him how much I appreciated him and how well he treated me. He got choked up and told me how much I deserved it. I knew this was different. Normal people don't talk to each other like this after a few weeks. The holidays came and went. When we made it through that time without any real arguing, I knew we were golden. The holidays are the hardest time on couples, in my opinion. It's hard to coordinate families where one person doesn't feel like they're getting cheated. We worked together, communicated, and got it all worked out.

The dating continued. I had never felt more lucky, happy, or loved. It still wasn't perfect, but it was the real life kind of bliss. We got to know each other more. We laughed more. We opened up to each other.
We fell more and more in love.

This was our theme song:

Yep, still more. You didn't think I'd leave out the proposal did you!? Stick around!

p.s. I was so happy to see so many beautiful faces for my recent followers! And your comments make my day! Thank you!


Clint said...

You are amazing! Thank you for reminding me of every detail :) I love remembering it all. Love you babe!

. said...

Again, this story is just the sweetest thing and makes me happy. :)

Katie said...

I love love reading about your story. So cute :)

Megan said...

Awww, I love reading your love story!! So so sweet! I love how he "tricked" you into holding hands. Haha. Guys can be SO sly.

Becca said...

ahhh love these stories!!! they never fail to make a girl feel warm fuzzies and reflect on her own love story. thanks for sharing lady.

Becca said...

ahhh love these stories!!! they never fail to make a girl feel warm fuzzies and reflect on her own love story. thanks for sharing lady.

Emily said...

So sweet. And love your bloggy! :)

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

super cute song.
I love this.
Can't wait to read the proposal!

& the countdown will continue, mine has sure gone by fast-- I swear just yesterday we were 60 days away!