Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick of being sick

 This is what I look like. Aside for the being Asian part. And maybe the bathrobe. I don't own a bathrobe. And by the looks of it, she's tougher than me.
Maybe this is more accurate. Only I have more meds by the bedside tables. Oh, and I don't own slippers either. And I don't even like orange juice. Okay, I give up.

I've been sick for about 2 weeks. I had a virus for about the first week and a half. Well, the virus turned bacterial and turned into a sinus infection and spread to my lungs. I don't know if that automatically means pneumonia. Either way, it stinks. For the last either days I'm either sweating up a storm or wearing thick sweatpants, thick sweatshirt, two thick blankets, and a heating pad in a 75 degree house and still shivering! Symptoms also include a whole bunch of nastiness like coughing up a lung every hour (which is odd since I only have two lungs), insane headaches, dizziness, and whole bunch of other nasties. I feel like there's holes in my lungs and I can't get enough air and that someone is sitting on my chest. A very large person. Last night I slept 13 straight hours! Holy Macaroni! Plus the day included like 8 hours of naps. The cough suppressant I'm on causes a lot of drowsiness. Since I have a doctor's note telling me note to go to school or work for the next few days, I've been able to do lots of fun things.

For example, yesterday I watched the whole season (until current) of the bachelor. Can I just say Michelle is crazy and I might have squealed when she was not given a rose. Sorry dear, but you are not nice, at least what you showed on the show. I think the whole concept is crazy! Wouldn't it be emotionally exhausting to date like 20 girls at a time and eliminate them by which one is worse? The thing I think is most weird, is that all the girls fall in love with him. How? How is he automatically "right" for all of them and only one is "right" for him. "Reality" tv is just crazy. "Have I used too many "" yet?"

Wait, wait. This is even better. Today I was laying on the couch minding my own business watching Mystery Diagnosis. The next show came on. I hope you're sitting down. It's about this girl who met this guy right before he got arrested and went to jail because he was involved in a random gang act of violence. She described him as a "ghetto angel". He said killing the two people (17 year olds) was an accident. Are you sure? Because you pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger. They got married behind bars after also "dating" behind bars for 3 years. Say WHHHAAAAT! So then she goes to her church asking the preacher guy what she should do because she feels like her marriage is on the rocks. Imagine that. And the preacher tells her she's being unsure and insecure and that's unattractive and ugly. Know what's unattractive and ugly? I guy who randomly shoots two teenagers. Just sayin. Anyone agree. Oh, and then she gets pregnant by another guy and her husband gets really mad. Of course, I am really against cheating, but how can you blame your wife when you're in jail for decades because you killed two people? Then he invites women to see him in jail. Then she is mad. And the whole show is if their marriage can make it.....what in the WORLD is this world coming to?! FYI, she's still at home with her [insert curse word] child and he's still in jail. And yep, they're still married.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've been awake for a total of 3 hours (after a 13 hour sleep) and it's time for another nap.

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Katie said...

HAHA "...and I can't get enough air and that someone is sitting on my chest. A very large person." Hahaha.

Sorry I'm not laughing that you're sick. Being sick is no fun!!! Maybe you're through the worst of it. Hopefully.