Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Modesty is hard. And other truths.

Meet some of my best friends:
Trevor, Alyssa, and Clint
 Modesty is hard when you find [at goodwill] the most awesome sleeveless vintage polka dot dress. I Love the cut of it! But, I know what's more important. So I added a button up white dress shirt over it with a belt. Throw in some pearls and a polka dot flower clip! Hey, it's not so bad. Plus it masked my massive hips. :) p.s., I'm not a giant. Alyssa is just small. Well, I am tall, but not giant status yet.
 Close your eyes momma Solomon! Confession: this is the first kissing picture I've ever taken. Alyssa insisted on it. And Alyssa get's her way :)
He's so cute, no?

Wanna know what I learned yesterday:
If you order a cheeseburger with pickles only, they think that means without cheese too. wait, what? I know what you're thinking. BUT, I've been craving red meat for like 2 weeks now, so I figured I could be slightly anemic. I went to McDonald's on my way to work to get one of the kid's cheeseburgers. You know, the ones where the bun is like the size of a hockey puck and then the patty is about the diameter of a golf ball? Guess that's 280 calories for you!

Today I was having a grumpy day. It was freakin cold. I work right in front of a huge door that is always opening and shutting and the cold shocks me every time. I'm tired. Every driver on the road was out to get me. I think I'm getting sick. My Biochem lab today was just not working out. I have a huge test tomorrow that I'm not nearly ready for. I'm worried about my uncle. My head is pounding. I'm hungry. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Lots of other various stresses.

Tired of my complaining yet? me too. So I started to think about what I needed to make me happier. Sleep? food? chocolate? need to create something? free time? music? Shopping? need to relax? Then it hit me. It's not my life that needs adjusting in order to make me happy, it's my attitude. Attitude check for one, please?

p.s. have any of you gotten mood swings while on birth control? I just started taking it like a week ago and I feel like a mad woman! Commence friendly advice now. :)


Ramsey said...

Layers are the bomb! They can "fix" pretty much anything!

Collin&Tatum said...

Mosiah 24:15 (Makes me feel not so grumpy)


Bree-N said...

dont worry about the birth control. It takes about the first month for your body to adjust to it! its totally normal for you to feel that way!! just make sure you always stay consistent!! (I just barely started reading your blog btw)

Nik and Dawna said...

hahaha...mickey d's cracks me up.
when nik was little he wanted a cheeseburger and he doesn't like his mom asked for a cheeseburger with just the cheese....and he pretty much got a grilled cheese. hahaha. a bun with cheese in between.
guess you gotta be careful with how you order. lol. at least you got the meat, right?? lol

Jennifer said...

Aww. My first kiss picture was on our honeymoon. ;) Good memories. And yes, being modest is hard sometimes when you have a cute not-so-modest dress. Looks like you did wonderfully though!

ailinh harris said...

But modest is the hottest! Love your outfit in the photo by the way. And I love reading your posts. Hello, meet your newest follower! :)

Greg & Amy said...

I was a little crazy when I started birth control. One day on my way to school, some lady was walking lazily in the crosswalk and I had a green light...I'm usually not an aggressive person, but I tried to run her over.

I still have those days sometimes though. Sometimes you know there's no reason for you to be in a bad mood, but it's hard snap out of it!

Love you!

Kristen said...

I take Loestrin 24, and it has like no side effects-for which I'm thankful! I've never experienced mood swings on it, so it may be the brand of birth control...or it may be that my body reacts differently from yours! Good luck!

jasmine said...

mood swings can definitely come with birth control. there are different types of pills that take your body through different hormonal cycles. some have a negative effect on some women. you might want to tell your doctor. she might be able to put you on something that doesn't affect your mood.

the first BC i was on made me crazy. my doctor switched me, and i was fine.

there's my two cents!!! :)