Monday, February 21, 2011

The did list

I had a super productive day today. Instead of thinking of the to-do list I still have (which is literally a mile long. I measured it.) I rather think about the did list. 

1) slept in. I'm sick, so a full night's sleep was MUCH needed.
2) Scrubbed my bathroom
3) cleaned my room, which mostly just included hanging up a boat load of clothes. I hate hanging up clothes. hate. it. 
4) finished tube feeding calculations
5) read all about vitamin E and finished my assignment on it
6) studied for biochem test Thursday
7) bought tape recorder for biochem so I can listen to it a literal billion times every day. (okay, so literally might not be totally literal.)
7.5) snuggled my niece and read her a story about a sad teddy bear without a Halloween costume. 
8) drove stinkin 45 minutes to pick up my replacement phone from FedEx. This is my 3rd phone in 6 months. I hate LG! Life's not so good anymore pal. 
9) went to Verizon to get the new phone activated
10) ate way too many pretzel M&Ms
11) looked for wedding shoes. no such luck
11.5) sat down with my parents to approximate the cost of everything for the wedding
12) got my hair cut
13) took my sister dinner to work
14) checked out 12 west for a reception venue
picked up Clint a "job well done" snickers. He just got out of a five hour test. My professors might disagree, but I totally believe in the occasional food rewards. 
15) refilled my perscriptions
16) calculated a training diet for a 22 year old female runner. Most difficult puzzle of. my. life!
and last but not least,
17) posted this video to Clint's facebook wall.
oh, and some other stuff too. What did you do today?


Jennifer said...

Good for you girlie! You are getting a great start on all the planning stuff!

Roxanne & Jared Harris said...

I HATE hanging up clothes too! haha. Your room cleaning sounds just like mine :)
P.s Love reading about all of your wedding plans! Makes me wanna get married again,(to my hubby of course) you know what I mean! ;)
Anyways, if you need ANY help or anything let me know!

McKenzie said...

Such a nice way to think about it. I need to start making a "did" list more often ;)