Monday, January 10, 2011

You live today, not in the future

My handsome man and I went to a church meeting [fireside] last night by Elder Christofferson. It was fantastic! He talked about goals and how we have to focus on today. Thinking and planning for the future isn't (only) what gets us to our goals. It is the actions you take each day to progress to them. He reminds us that we live today, not in the future. We worry about all that we have to do to accomplish something that we forget that a goal is achieved by the journey of each day it takes to get there. If you want to learn Spanish (like me) you can't learn it all in one day. It doesn't do much good to worry about all the years and all the work it is going to take. You learn it one word at a time. Take it as you can handle it. One step at a time. 

Some life goals:
 Warning: I dream big!
marry in the temple.
have lots of cute lil babies.
finish school- with honors.
learn spanish.
learn to sew.
get good at swing dancing.
go to italy.
get personal training certification.
write a book.
help people to be healthy.
invite a homeless person to dinner in my home... when I have one... i guess step one would be buying a house.
take beautiful pictures.
learn to do a cartwheel.
learn the "right way" to throw a football.
find a pair of jeans that fits.
fly a kite.
leave an insanely large tip for someone who needs it.
travel somewhere to help with humanitarian aid.

There's just a sample. If I were to write all my goals and aspirations down, it would be a book. Hey, maybe that can be the "book" I write. I guess all the little goals aren't that important. Mostly, I just want to
make a difference
make my Heavenly Father proud.


D.B. Woolston said...

Love this. The key for me is to break down lofty goals into daily, tangible tasks. I have to physically write it down. I am inspired to turn my goals into daily things.

Alexis Campbell said...

ok at first i was attracted to your blog, because we have the same first name, but i absolutely love it. this was an amazing post. i absolutely love your goals. i have so many goals in life, im kind of inspired to write them down the way you did. i did make a bucket list for this year though :) kind of my new years resolutions i guess

can't wait to read more :) im glad to be your follower AND have the same first name hehe :)