Friday, January 7, 2011

sad day

I went to the cardiologist yesterday. They had me sport this fashion item (heart monitor) for 24 hours. This shirt doesn't fully display my (7) chest patches to their potential. Not only did I appreciate the stylish fanny-pack-like pouch hanging from my neck, I also enjoyed all the staring that accompanied it. I thought of all the people who really ARE sick and who walk around with a constant pair (or ten pairs) of eyes on them. I thought about pretend scenarios that people were making. About a young blonde girl (with obviously a liking for the color yellow) terribly sick and released from the hospital to spend one last day out. Dramatic, I know, but It's a reality for some people.

BTW, The pouty face in the picture is 100% genuine. This thing was a nightmare to sleep with. However, it's a piece of cake to some people. I'm thankful for my health. Also, it was a fun game for my niece to "push my buttons". Each "button" did a different thing. closed my eyes, made me smile, made me frown. She loved it and was really sad when the "buttons" came off.

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D.B. Woolston said...

Ugh, that must be tough to lug around. I really hope the doctors can figure all this out. You have lots of people praying for you :)