Monday, January 17, 2011


It's a first!
Since it's such a beautiful day to be alive, I'm doing a giveaway.
The following two headbands are up for grabs!
They're perfect for a messy up-do, keeping the hair out of your eyes during yoga, or dressing up with some curls.

Yeah, I know. The picture quality isn't the best. I need a new photographer other than my right arm.

Down to the important stuff. How do you enter?

(1) comment and tell me which headband is your favorite!
(2) follow this blog and also my headband blog at:
And forgive the Beautiful Band blog. It's under construction. I'm hoping to get up some new photos this week of my new creations and replace the current pictures with better ones.
(3) tell me about your favorite healthy snack! (I'm trying to kick the Dr. Pepper. See "pure evil" post.)

I will post the winner in 3 days!
Good luck!


Ramsey said...

Favorite healthy snack...apples and peanutbutter/banana and peanut butter, hummus. yum., and granola bars.

Klinglers said...

Ok, I follow both blogs... I Love the second headband!!! (The first one is way cute too:), and my favorite healthy snack is... (this may sound weird but trust me its wonderful, marcus made it up) you mix cottage cheese with greek yogurt, add fruit (we like blueberries), and top with a T. of agave. Its heaven! Also sometimes we add flax seed if we want to add more healthiness. Anyways, sorry for the novel!

ashley.warner said...

1 entry - I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the black headband (the second's SO me!)

2- I follow BOTHHHH blogs! eeek!

3- favorite healthy snack...I love to eat bananas with peanut butter on them, but I also LOVE fresh berries with a tbsp. of balsamic vinegar/mixed with 2 tsp. of brown sugar. top that off with some crushed pecans...heaven in a bowl!

i loveeeeeeeeeeee it! mmmmm

I hope I win! hooray!
and thanks for doing a giveaway! you ROCK!

jenchristine said...

Aww! What cute headbands!

Nik and Dawna said...

I love the black band.

And my favorite healthy snack is an apple with peanut butter! or cucumber with cottage cheese, salt and pepper. deeeeeeelicious!

Brittney said...

i love both bands--you're talented!--but the black is my favorite. my favorite healthy snack: yogurt. i can't help it. it's almost like ice cream. okay, not at all, actually, but sometimes i can convince myself... :)

Trevor & Alyssa said...

They are both cute but I love the black one the best! My favorite healthy snack are oranges right now. I'm obsessed with them. Love you!

Adelyn said...

Both are really cute...but i'd have to say i like the second (black and white) one a bit better because you could wear it with more.


Adelyn said...

I would love to follow you...but my browser is messed up and is saying that 'internect explorer cannot connect...' blech. I'll try again later to follow.

Adelyn said...

I was, however, able to follow beautiful bands...? Oh what a strange computer I have.

Adelyn said...

So it really depends on the mood I'm in...wheather I'm dying for chocolate (come on girls, we all know the feeling) and make a chocolate protein powder/banana/peanut butter/milk smoothie; or if I really want a banana with peanut butter. If i'm pushed on time, I'll just grab an apple or a triangle thing of laughing cow cheese. <--that stuff is sooooo good!

Sean and Rachel said...

I love the bright colors of the blue headband. Very cute!

Ugh, I'm bad at healthy snacks (I'm currently sipping on coke) but I do like flavored granola in the winter and any kind of fruit in the summer.