Sunday, June 27, 2010


Can I just say how grateful I am for my religion? It's real. It's not church life, then real life. It's all the same. Every Sunday I get to learn things to apply to my life. One of the talks given today was so amazing. It was about respecting women. Women, you are amazing, beautiful daughters of God. Expect to be respected. I think too often women make excuses for men. "Ya, he beat me but it was because I forgot to put away the butter." Feel me? :) And yes, It goes both ways! I realize this applies to men too, but I'm going to apply it to women. It feels like we're constantly being told we're not good enough. By media, friends, men, ..anything and everything. Our bodies aren't perfect. We aren't achieving the success we need to. Satan totally uses this tool to get us to not live up to our potential. Of course if we feel horrible about ourselves we're not going to be the best we can be. Don't let it happen. Start today. Learn to love your body. It's one of the most amazing gifts we will ever be given! Think of how much is possible because of it! It may not work perfectly but it houses our spirits. Live for real success. Live to better the world around you, no matter how small. This song sums it up way better then I ever could:

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