Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Extra! Extra!

In honor of Valentine's yesterday, I went to get an ultra sound of my heart. Like 80% of the people who do my tests are always so serious. She didn't get any of my joke. "So, am I pregnant?" "That spot on my EKG looks like a heart". "Am I the only one who comes in here who didn't live with the dinosaurs?" (seriously they're all so old.). So maybe I'm just really not funny. But my jokes didn't even lighten the mood. That usually works. Maybe something is wrong with HER heart. I gotta admit though, it was scary. Even though there's most likely nothing wrong with me, the possibility there is is scary. I have dreams about getting cancer and all kinda of weird diseases. I can't help it, my subconcious is dramatic, okay?

In other news, I heard a bunch of teachers in the restroom at school bad talking their students. It's so ironic considering all the bad things I've heard said about them. We all just hate each other. Thus is the vicious cycle of teacher/student relationships.

For those wanting an update, my uncle is still in the hospital. I'm scared every day to get that dreaded phone call. I can just say I would be extremely devastated if he didn't make it to our wedding. He really is one of my best friends and has helped me through some hard times. He listened when no one else wanted to or reached out. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Today when filling out the contract for the wedding photographer, I wrote "Alexis Solomon" totally on accident. I crossed it out and put a smiley face by it. What's that? You want a wedding update? Well, I'm pretty proud of what we have done in less than a week!

We have booked a photograhper! It's the most important part to us, and we did awesome! We're so excited to work with Tara!

Click here to see more of her work.  She's da bomb diggity!

Our cake will look something like the one on the right:

It'll be a single layer 8 inch round. Without fondant. Because, let's face it, it tastes nasty. Clint is excited about that. The guests will have cute little cupcakes! We're saving hundreds of dollars by not doing a huge extravagent cake. That's one part of the planning that isn't important to me.

We also found a decorator I've been working with. Hopefully our reception will look something like this:
You can find her website here. We looked into booking a fancy venue, but it was just too expensive. So, I'm doing another thing I said I never would. Reception in a cultural hall! It's okay, it's going to look gorgeous!

And the most important part, we booked the temple.
At 3:00 pm on May 21st, 2011, Clint and I will be sealed together forever!
Don't know what a temple is or want to learn more? Click here.

This is way better than what I could have dreamed up as a little girl. I love it! I couldn't be more excited!


ashley.warner said...

I've always been against a reception in the cultural hall...but that does look gorgeous! No doubt you will pull it off! :)

Congrats, and stay strong! YOU GO GIRL!

Klinglers said...

I love all of those things Alexis! Look at you guys, it is coming together so quickly! Our second reception up in my home town was decorated quite similarly to that pic, just different colors. It turned out quite gorgeous! Especially getting the ceiling covered made all the difference!!! Good luck with the rest of your planning, I'm so excited for you!!:)

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

The seamstress live in Provo Ut. Artfull stitches by Connie. I don't think she makes wedding gowns anymore though. I would search your local area for a seamtress that makes gowns. The thing that really made my dress so cheap was that I bought the fabric. Connie helped me figure out what I needed to get and where to get it the cheapest so I paid 40-50 for fabric and about 350 for labor.

Brittany said...

Hey there , i just found your blog off Blair Affairs and i have to say it's such a fun blog! I'm mormon as well so it's always nice to find other mormon bloggers! good luck with all the wedding plans! i just barely got married in november! it's great!

Shalyn said...

YAY! I don't think I ever was more excited than when I heard the time for our sealing- SO SPECIAL! I love all the pictures of your potential reception/cake- everything looks amazing! And I totally would have laughed at your jokes;-)

Collin&Tatum said...

That cake is beautiful! :]You're going to be a lovely bride!

Darcy Martin said...

I found your blog on Tara's FB page and I just wanted to tell you SHE IS THE GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHER OF ALL TIME!!! You will be sooo happy with her pictures and you'll be so happy you choose her. (Plus I'm hoping with all these LDS weddings she keeps doing, one day she'll get baptized!!) She's my bestest friend in all the world, you will absolutely love her :) COngrats and I hope you have an amazing wedding!!! I'll be looking for your pictures soon!!